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Gold Leaf Painting
Gold Leaf Stereograph
Gold Leaf Embossment
Gold Leaf Knickknack
Gold Leaf Calendar
Gold Leaf Plate
Gold Leaf Reel Painting
Gold leaf Crystal
Silver Leaf Painting
Inside Decoration
Exterior Decoration
Gold leaf Joss Statue
Gold Leaf Sign
Gold Leaf Brick
Gold Leaf Sculpture


Gilding Supplies
Gilding services done upon request
Ceilings and walls gilded
Signs carved with gold leaf available
Exterior or interior gilding
Goldleaf for Furniture & Lamps
Goldleaf for Signs
Water Gilding Supplies
Verre Eglomise Supplies
Church Restoration
Drapery Rods & Finials
Picture frame repaired
Crown Moldings & Plaster
Goldleaf for Picture Frames & Mirrors
Liberon Supplies
Edible 23kt Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf for Steeplejacks

Nanjing Art Gold Foil Factory offers a wide range of gold foil souvenirs and collections . And we also accept cutom-made gold foil products. Whether in piece order or mass order, please feel free to contact our Business Department.


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